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Fertility Clinic India

Fertility clinics are available at every corner of India with complete services.

The clinical facility is very important for any fertility treatment because for the fertility treatment, should have the latest technology and modern equipment but for the use of it. The patient need the right atmosphere and the patient can only get fertility clinic. We know that the patient is spending money as well as time also. According to it the patient required the best infrastructure best department key feature and the best services basically that can easily attract most of the patient. Now look at the briefly the clinical facility that we provide to the patient and makes us different from others.

The ACME fertility clinic India is the biggest IVF clinic India unit in Mumbai. Our program is lead by the team of fertility specialist by Dr. Neelam even the team has a great amount of experienced and the always deliver the best result for the patient. You will be glad to know that we have conducted 2000 cases in the span of the short time and the success rate is about 50-60% even half of the cases is the resolution of the female infertility clinic India. Even the treatment is conducted for both national and the international patient as well.

State of the art infrastructure: The fertility clinic Mumbai is equipped with the ultrasound infrastructure and internationally trained widely experienced faculty. The faculty is supported by the state of the art laboratory and the fertility services. The center was first located in the Mumbai and successfully performed as the best male fertility clinic Mumbai.

The center key features included:

  • > A comprehensive evidence base practice
  • > Genuine consultation
  • > Independent advisory committees
  • > Transparent process and decision-making
  • > Better work Culture & Organizational design
  • > Clinical and patient input
  • > Regular review of previous cases
  • > Effective implementation

Now look at the some facility and the services that we are providing to the patient whatever your treatment the only thing that matters a lot for us is the best delivery that outcome for you. Many patient and the recipient search ask us what is the reason to have the best successful rate. So the biggest reason behind it is the idea that your life is very special for us and we care for you is the purpose where the passion for giving happiness to become the parents. Beyond all those things here are some of the services and the facility that we provide to the patient with including:

Treatment protocol unique to each couple:

For us every couple is unique and every case is a different scenario. We are specialized in the reproductive medicine and the endoscopy surgery procedure basically we discuss every case individually and listen to the problem of the patient because in most of the cases the patient does not hesitate to say anything openly with the doctor so with the complete security we provide the complete satisfaction of the treatment before the treatment and after the treatment.

Access to staff and your physician seven days a week:

In most of the fertility the treatment is available only at the selected day but in our fertility center the days and the treatment option is selected by the patient itself. The visiting to the center is the patient’s wish even we are ensuring that the doctor and the fertility experts are available at 24*7. We are not just believed in the procedure of the fulfillment but we also believe in providing the right advice that can easily enhance the level of your living.

Answers to any question that you may have: When the patient visit to the fertility clinic so there are so many questions that are keep going in the mind of the patient so the staff of the ACME fertility clinic is always available for the requirement of the patient and all the reports and the test result either negative or positive will discuss with the patient.

More than 35 years on the leading edge of the fertility and endocrinology research: In the department of the medical science the science was keep changing till now and we still find out the solution of the fertility disease and our medical research center is searching every possible solution from the last 35 years. We are just expert in the fertility treatment and the endoscopy surgery as well basically the patient is on the right door when he or she can get the treatment either the ‘’male infertility clinic Mumbai’’ or female infertility.

A certified high-tech lab and the specially designed surgical procedure:

The IVF clinic Mumbai has all the facility of the accept the lab facility and the modern technology and that make it different from others.

Board certified anthologist and embryologist:

With the whole staff, we know that in the procedure of the IVF cycle, a teamwork play an important role and for it we have the best anthologist and the embryologist basically we are best in every field all the staff is experienced and well qualified.

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