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Egg Donor India

egg donor india
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The Egg donor is the right path for successful IVF and surrogacy:

Egg donor is the premier source for IVF and for the surrogacy procedure. That is the only reason most of the time with the good equality of the egg, the patient can easily conceive that child because in any case one of the reason not to conceive the child is the poor quality of the egg. With fertility clinic India the patient will get both the facility accept the egg donor and the IVF or the surrogacy treatment with the egg donor. Even one of the reason behind the good success rate of the IVF and the surrogacy is the egg donor. Someone who can’t conceive the child in their own egg due to the medical or any other problem. The common reason that the poor quality of egg and another reason is when someone can’t transfer their disease to the child if they are dealing with the serious disorder like HIV-AIDS and cancer. Now before the procedure look at the Question that will recur in the mind of the patient before the treatment firstly the fertility clinic India works according to the queries through it we solve the problem of the patient as well. Eve new are the best egg donor India throughout Asia.

How the egg donor procedure does works?

So in that case the procedure is divided into four major points that we have already mentioned that one is complete egg donor cycle shared egg donor cycle frozen eggs and embryos adoptions. The major role of the egg donor is played into the procedure of the surrogacy when someone wants to have surrogacy but with the done egg.

The procedure of the egg donor is painful?

Most of the patient asked the same question to the doctor because everyone who is donating their egg want to know that what kind of the pain it is? So the answer of the question the egg donor process is not painful but may be comfortable for the patient. And so after the egg donor the patient should stay into the hospital for the hospital campaign.

What is the duration of the time in the process of it?

The whole procedure is consumed 20 to 30 minutes, but the vast time is taken by the harvesting because before the donating egg the patient should take a hormonal injection to –procedure large number of eggs after the injection the egg removed from the body within 36hours.

What kinds of tests and examination the egg donor should face?

So, for the selection of the egg donor we are very careful firstly we completely concentrate the brief history of the donor on the both level medical as well social physical examination, inherited disease and the testing for the sexually transmitted disease. No smoking and alcohol habits. The right age of an egg is less than 30 years. We select all the eggs personally and give them the complete medical tests like screening and the fertilization.

Surrogacy with donor egg:

We are not saying that the other option that you will attempt is not valid, but this solution is only recommended by the condition of the patient on the premises of it. The right age of an egg is less than 30 years. We select all the eggs personally and give them the complete medical tests like screening and the fertilization. An egg donor could be your relative friend or any anonymous if the egg donor is anonymous so it our responsibility that the entire journey of the egg donor will confidential and the reports will not share with anyone as well. We are ensuring that through the egg donor of us the patient will get the best success rate. The age of the donor and the recipient is always playing an important role because the age of recipient is very high so in that case there are many chances because of the advanced age the egg didn’t implant in the uterus of the surrogate mothers and if the age of the donor is less than 35 years so in that case there are many chances to have the multiple pregnancy rates.
Either the recipient chooses surrogacy with egg or sperm we are ensuring that the surrogacy with egg donation will successful.

The procedure of the egg donor surrogacy:

For the process of surrogacy this is performed through the donor eggs India and the own eggs of the recipient because on the basis of it the child genetically connected to them. For both the procedure it so very important to freeze the eggs. Egg freezing is a method of preservation of a woman s unfertilized eggs. This process is volunteered by the women whose fertility is at risk when they wish to be pregnant. The risk could be due to age disease or inability to carry a child the womb. The treatment preserves the ability of the woman to bear children. The eggs produced by a woman at a young age can be preserved from a short duration as months up to years.

Egg Donor Friend or Anonymous:

An egg donor could be your relative friend or any anonymous if the egg donor is anonymous so it is our responsibility that the entire journey of the egg donor will confidential and the reports will not share with anyone as well.

All these that we have mentioned above are the common question that every recipient or the one who is unknown with the fact really wanted to know but now we are going to describe the complete stages or the steps of the egg donor.

Egg Donor matching:

We have a group of the egg donor. When the egg donor is selected or joint into our program so on that premises the recipient can select any of them and the selection of the recipient will base on the view the pre-screened pool of egg donor online. Yes! It is possible that the recipient has both the option for known or the anonymous person as well.

Suppression and the ovarian stimulation of the egg donor:

As we all know that the egg of the donor only selected on the basis of the mature eggs. So for it the egg donor have to do her homework basically it means the donor take the injection for her natural cycle than the mature egg send for the retrieval.

During the ovarian stimulation the egg donor is monitored closely through blood tests and the ultrasounds ensuring that the ovaries are responding well and not going into the hyperstimulation.

THE situation with the embryo donor and the egg donor is similar because for the embryo donation Mumbai the patient should be healthy and without any kind of injury. Clinic clearance it refers to the procedure steps after the process of it the embryo visited the clinics for the complete check up either no abnormality. If the clinic clearance is positive so after it that transfer into the uterus of the woman’s body. Embryological clearance, means someone expert in the process of it because after the medical and the clinic clearance the vital role is by the embryologist because they transfer the embryo in the body of the woman if the uterus accepts it so it means that that the process is successful but if is not what’s the problem and in which process the uterus of woman or in the embryo so it play an important role in it.

Success rate of Egg donor and the embryo donor:

As we all know that the egg donor and the embryo donor is vital for the procedure of the surrogacy and the IVF but there is huge different the success rate of them. The success rate of the embryo donor is about the 75%of success rate for IVF treatment but, on the other hand, the success rate of egg donor for IVF is about 60 to 62%. The reason of the different the reason of infertility if in any case the reason of infertility is advanced age so the treatment will work in the other direction basically there is the connection between the embryo and the egg donor as well means for the successful embryo donor and the successful treatment the good egg quality is important.

The advantage for the egg donor:

All the egg donor who is planning to donate their egg to the intended parent so in that case the donor can easily contact fertility clinic India because the age of the egg donor is between 21 to 29 years and educated and holding college degrees, beautiful and smart. Even we are providing them the facility to meet the donor and the report or the test of the donor will not share to any other and if you thinking about our patient are not preselected.

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